You’ve heard it rains all the time in Scotland (a myth perpetuated by those wanting to under promise and over deliver). Yes, the truth is the sun shines much more often than you might imagine.

You know you want to ask. So when’s the best time to visit St Andrews?

We are often asked about the best time to travel to Scotland because of a general misconception that the whole of Scotland experiences high rainfall.

In fact, rainfall in Scotland varies widely depending upon topography and location.

While the Highlands and western Scotland have very high rainfall, most of the East Coast is quite dry and sunny. St. Andrews, in particular with its unique micro-climate, has the good fortune to be considered the sunniest and driest location in all of the United Kingdom. According to historic data, October and April are the driest months while July and August, the warmest. For further reading about our sunny climes click here—>Average rainfall.

Average annual precipitation in St. Andrews is approximately 27 inches, the same as Rome, Italy and less than New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Dallas. We’re convinced that it is another case of under promising and over delivering!

I could take out of my life everything except my experiences at St Andrews and I would still have had a rich and full life.

Bobby Jones.


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