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Hickory Golf and the Monarchs House Championship

25 February, 2012 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News



For the past 10 years, the Monarchs House Championship has been vied for over the 18 holes that is the Ladies Putting Club of St Andrews or otherwise known as The Himalayas.  David Brilliant and Phil Canders who both putted their way to 38s set the Championship record in 2003.[…]

The Smiling Faces of Monarchs House

10 February, 2012 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


All Smiles (expand screen) Over the past 11 years, Monarchs House has hosted over 250 groups of visitors to St Andrews and Scotland. These groups had little in common. They came from all over the planet for golf, family visits, university graduations, the Open Championship and holiday celebrations. We noticed[…]

General Manager Kevin Low

29 January, 2012 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


Chef Kevin Low helped open the doors of Monarchs House in 2001.  Now, in addition to preparing breakfast and wonderful dinner meals, Kevin looks after all of our guests’ needs as General Manager. One bit of consistent praise that we hear from guest to guest is that we are lucky[…]

First at Monarchs House 2011

3 April, 2011 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


The Brumfield Family from Katy, Texas

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