Monarchs for a Week – Contest Update

Monarchs for a Week – Contest Update

28 February, 2011 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


Thank you to all who entered the “stay at Monarchs House for a week” contest.  We are grateful for your shared memories and dreams of St Andrews. We agree that it really is a special place in so many ways. This  past weekend, Prince William and his bride to be, Kate Middleton, returned to St Andrews where they first met as students and declared the town, “still has that uncanny knack of feeling like home.” By your submissions, we can tell that many of you feel the same way.

Since the contest ends today without the required 500 entrants, we have pondered long and hard about what we should do. For us, there are only two options; forgo the contest all together or leave it running until we get the necessary 500 entrants. Our inclination is to giveaway a prize and as a result we will keep the contest open. However, it only seems fair to us that one of you who entered by the deadline date should be appropriately rewarded. We will sort that out in the coming days and we will award a to-be-determined prize.

So the contest remains open. Tell your friends about it, post it on your FaceBook page, become a FB fan of Monarchs House  and we can make it happen together. We are determined to make you and 7 of your friends kings and/or queens for 7 days at Monarchs House.


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