Monarchs House Announces Partnership

Monarchs House Announces Partnership

22 November, 2010 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


As anyone who has ever captained a golf trip knows, planning a golfing holiday with your mates can be at the least, challenging and at the most, exasperating.  There’s organizing, scheduling, orchestrating, administering, and accounting to do to ensure for a seamless trip. For 10 years, Monarchs House has always lightened a golf captain’s burden by taking on much of this workload but for 2011, we have not only removed much of the captain’s challenge but also made the process a bit of fun as well.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with delivers intuitive, easy to use, web-based software that makes great golf trips even better.  The genius edition of the software, available to Monarchs House guests at no charge, helps a Captain with tournaments, parings, scoring, statistics, leader board, and tournament and trip accounting. As an added benefit, if you carry an iPad, you also get dynamic, on course tournament scoring. Once your trip is over, please accept with Monarchs House and’s compliments a wonderful full color remembrance of your trip. Shortly, we will link to a sample here. Captaining a golf trip has truly never been easier.

If you want to learn more about planning a golf trip and being a captain, has written, what we think is, the seminal piece on the subject. You can read it here.

We are delighted to add another great feature for our guests’ enjoyment at Monarchs House, your home at the home of golf and with on board, they make a great golf trip better.

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