Luvians Bottle Shop

Luvians Bottle Shop

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Scotland's Greatest Export

From time to time, we would like to tell you about Monarchs House’s suppliers. We feel that they are a large part of what makes the house special for our guests. If you are delivering quality products from knowledgeable and reputable purveyors, our experience is your guests will likely notice. Kevin, our chef and General Manager, goes further to say that to make great food, you have to start with great ingredients.

In St Andrews, we are fortunate to have such superb suppliers as:  J Birell and Sons (produce), A. Keracher (fish), Scott Brothers of Dundee (Meat), IJ Melis (cheese), Fisher & Donaldson (baked goods including the positively sublime fudge doughnuts) and Luvians Bottle Shop (wine and spirits) to name a few.

One of our longest standing purveyors is Luvians Bottle Shop. Luvians opened their shop in St Andrews 14 years ago and predates Monarchs House by 4 years. In addition to stocking beer and an incredible selection of fine wines, Luvians sells over 1000 types of malt whiskies.  It’s one of the largest selections we have ever seen.   If you are visiting St Andrews or live locally, Luvians can find a proper whisky to suit your mood.

Our dram of choice these days is a criminally under-known  Speyside malt named Mortlach. We favor the 16 year old from the Fauna and Flora series. It is dry with a robust sherry taste and a smooth, long finish.  It’s difficult to find in the UK and near impossible to locate in the States.

Luvians has been introducing our guests to Scotland’s greatest export for 10 years. We depend on them to supply us with an everyday whisky and the not so commonplace malt like Mortlach 16. Visit them at 66 Market Street in St Andrews or call 01334 477752. Tell them we sent you (and get a terrific discount on the Mortlach).

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