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This is being distributed to the press next week. We wanted you to see it first.

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Two Chances to Win a Stay at the Private Residence in St. Andrews Scotland


October 25, 2010, – St Andrews, Scotland– Michael DiCarlo, Managing Director of St. Andrews’ luxurious Monarchs House, announced today that in celebration of their 10th Anniversary, they will be giving away two stays at the private residence. The prizes, valued at more than $27,000 will be awarded in two drawings and will award up to eight guests with a chance to stay at this amazing home in the heart of St. Andrews, Scotland.  More information can be found at

“Monarchs House is viewing this as an opportunity to thank its loyal visitors as more than 75% of the weekly rentals are from repeat guests,” said DiCarlo. “We have hosted people from all walks of life and accommodated friends and family who travel to Scotland to play the great game of golf. Guests have also included Hollywood actors, professional golfers and other sports figures, and one of the guests was an astronaut who has not only walked on the fairways at St Andrews, but also on the moon.”

It was 34 years ago on his first visit to St Andrews that DiCarlo, then 20 years old, knew he wanted to spend as much time there as possible.  A total stranger had invited him off the street and into his house after his round on the Old Course to have supper with he and his wife. Over the years, DiCarlo has found that this initial, incredible bit of hospitality in St Andrews is the rule rather than the exception.

The contest is open to anyone who stays at Monarchs House in 2011 and the second random drawing, will be selected on Jan. 10, 2011 from the those who comment on the Monarchs House website ( by December 31, 2010 on why they would like to visit St Andrews.

The separate drawing for those who comment on the website is Monarchs House’s way to celebrate the democratization and inclusion of golf clearly in evidence in St Andrews. The game in St Andrews is for everyone: the rich and poor, the old and the young, women and men, high and low handicappers. Monarchs House wants the giveaway to be inclusive in the same way that St Andrews has demonstrated for centuries.

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Giving away free weeks is not new for Monarchs House. Annually, Monarchs House helps charities with their fundraising goals by donating weeks for auctions or by drastically reducing pricing so that the charity can mark up a week as much as they want or can.


Monarchs House is an elegant, freestanding stone residence built at the mid-19th century in the heart of St. Andrews and located at 26 Queens Terrace. Completely refurbished, restored and improved, the house offers very sophisticated comfort while retaining its air of old-fashioned charming Scottish hospitality. Guests are warmly welcomed by Monarchs’ experienced staff, which looks after every need. By prior arrangement, the staff will customize a trip, including (but not limited to) arranging golf tee times, caddies, ground transportation, fishing, hunting, touring, whisky tastings, woolen mill excursions, falconry or anything else a guest may desire. The house is staffed with a gourmet chef, maid service, servers and a general manager. Monarchs House attention to detail will make all the difference for the discriminating traveler. Groups of up to eight guests will enjoy the privacy and ease the house affords. Experience the ultimate, all inclusive Scottish vacation. All one needs to do is purchase a plane ticket, everything else will be arranged.

Monarchs House is your home at the home of golf®.

For more information and terms and conditions go to


In addition to being the home of golf, St. Andrews is also the home of Scotland’s oldest university and third oldest in the English speaking world, northern Britain’s largest medieval cathedral, two magnificent sprawling beaches, a town center brimming with shops, a theatre, a movie house and several museums. For the socially inclined, St Andrews has 26 lively pubs and many award winning restaurants. There are also exceptional walking and running trails, a theme park for youngsters and stunning botanical gardens, to name a few of the attractions.

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  1. John Jock Allen - 28 October, 2010 01:09

    St Andrews, oor Hame Toon o how we miss yi, the Love o oor Hert, a will see yi again wan day. A remember standin in Market Street and watchin the mist comin in an oot wae the tide, one minit yi could see the Tower the next it wis covered in mist. I worked as a Butcher for Murray Mitchell and it is a shame that Young Murray had tae gee up due tae his health, the shop wis a great meetin place fur the Folks o St Andrews and everybody knew everybody else.
    O how we miss yi Fair Toon.

    Soar Alba


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