10th Anniversary Contest-Click Here to Enter

10th Anniversary Contest-Click Here to Enter

13 September, 2010 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


2011 is the 10th anniversary for Monarchs House. Since opening our doors to golfers and non-golfers alike in 2001, we have hosted well over 200 groups and 1500 people.  Our visitors have been families, couples, groups of eight men and groups of eight women.  Remarkably, we haven’t advertised the house and all visitors have arrived as a result of the House’s reputation as the ideal setting for a St Andrews based holiday. 75% of the visitors are repeat guests.

We would like to say thank you to our loyal patrons by offering a drawing for free week’s stay in season at Monarchs House. Anyone who stays with us in 2011 will automatically be entered.  We would also like to include those who have never stayed here at Monarchs House with a separate drawing* for a week’s stay. All you need to do is comment below with your email address why you would like to visit St Andrews. Email addresses will remain confidential.

Thank you again for making Monarchs House your home at the home of golf.

*Minimum of 500 entrants by 2/28/11
For terms and conditions clickCompetition Terms

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  1. Mary Grace - 14 September, 2010 02:43

    I want to stay at the Monarchs House : )

  2. Chris O'Connell - 14 September, 2010 15:08

    I would love to stay at Monarchs House! Golf at the Old Course would be a dream come true!

  3. Cynthia Maloney - 14 September, 2010 17:16

    it would be completely amazing to have a chance to come visit Monarch House! What a blessing it would be to win this trip!

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    • Peter Neville - 13 November, 2010 10:30

      I love St. Andrews it’s a lovely town and staying at the Monarch House would be a dream come true! My children would really enjoy seeing the scenery here and also the many cultural activities in and around St. Andrews. It would be an amazing experience.

    • Bob Patton - 24 February, 2011 21:08

      Any true golfer would jump at the chance to spend a week with his/her friends at the home of golf with the added luxury of staying at the wonderful Monarch’s House! Please sign me up!

  5. mark beal - 14 September, 2010 23:07

    What better way to spend my 50th birthday next year.

  6. Pete Wlodkowski - 15 September, 2010 04:41

    I would love to experience the magic. Just watching The Open Championship on television was fantastic, and this year I’ve decided it’s time to make the trip and the experience with the members of amateurgolf.com.

  7. Cara Gruber - 16 September, 2010 15:17

    I absolutely love St Andrews. Great golf courses, nothing beats the feeling of walking over the Swilken Bridge. Great Food, many to choose from and of course Great Accommodation, Monarchs House, looks like a great place to stay and would love to check out the facilities. :)

  8. Alice - 16 September, 2010 15:24

    I would like to stay at monarchs house. st andrews is a beautiful place and people who live there are so lucky.

  9. laura mcdonald - 16 September, 2010 16:25

    I would love this opportunity to take my friends and family to stay at the Monarchs house, my mums family has lived in St Andrews for as far back as we can trace, unfortunatly there is so many of us now our aunt cant accomodate us! It would be great to come up on a holiday as its been 3 years since my last visit! and i miss the sea & its folk desperatley! xx

  10. debra scott - 17 September, 2010 15:48

    I’d love to stay at Monarchs house because I work in St Andrews, and live further down the coast in Fife, and I’d love to be a tourist here for a week, instead of a worker!!
    Also I’m getting married in St Andrews next year, and a week in Monarchs house would be a lovely honeymoon! :)

  11. Mattias Eliasson - 19 September, 2010 11:51

    My fathers bigggest wish is to go to St Andrews and I would love to take him there. To stay at the Monarchs House would be fantastic! We have nothing like that in Sweden.

  12. Alexandre - 19 September, 2010 20:56

    We spent 4 days in St-Andrews at the beginning of 2010 and it was for my 8 years old’s son, my wife and I a special moment… as if we returned in the past… no stress, wonderful place… you probably don’t know the chance you’ve got to be there.

  13. Claire Demain - 21 September, 2010 13:40

    I would love to bring my family up and stay at Monarchs house to show my children where i was brought up

  14. Fiona Roberts - 21 September, 2010 13:40

    I’d love to stay at Monarchs House – graduated in 2008 and really miss St Andrews!

  15. Laura - 21 September, 2010 14:00

    I’d love to stay at Monarch’s House for a week. I left St Andrews nearly 2 years ago after being brought up there for a job down south and I miss the place horribly. I’d absolutely love to go back for a week and relive my ‘youth’!

  16. Heather McKenzie - 21 September, 2010 14:12

    I would be blown away (like the wind at the St Andrews beaches!) if I won this chance for me and my friends to visit St Andrews as tourists. Myself and my brother were born in St Andrews, so I’d invite him and his family along too …. oh, and we’d bring the kites! x

  17. Fiona Gibbs - 21 September, 2010 14:46

    February 2011 marks our 15th wedding anniversary and the 21st year since my husband and I met whilst at university in St Andrews. What a better way to celebrate than by bringing our two wonderful children up to St Andrews to see why mum and dad love the old place so much. The addition bedroom space would be great for our own mums, both of whom were sadly widowed in 2010. Sounds like the perfect family holiday to me!

  18. Linda Marshall - 22 September, 2010 02:53

    I would love to visit St. Andrew’s to walk across the famous bridge, see the stone buildings, visit Fife Contemporary Art & Craft and browse the independent shops. It would be a wonderful experience to share with my sisters and their families.

    We’ve been to St. Andrew’s in New Brunswick, Canada (St. Andrews, NB was founded in 1783 by United Empire Loyalists and named in honour of St Andrews, Scotland)

  19. Anne Shaw - 22 September, 2010 11:00

    I feel so proud when asked where I come from! People are generally full of surprise & envy when I tell them I am from St Andrews. (Everyone knows of The Home of Golf!) I was born at Craigtoun. My kin folk are all Fifers (most of them from St Andrews) & many of them still live there. in 1967, My father took up a job in Zambia. Every 3 years we would come back home (to St Andrews) for 3 months, before returning to Africa for another 3 year stint. I have lived in Africa ever since. I met my husband here & had my children here. Alas, I miss my home town. For me to be able to take my family to St Andrews would be amazing! To introduce them to their roots & for me to reconnect with where I come from, would be truly incredible! Unfortunately, I could never afford an overseas trip for my family. I can, however, afford to dream though! Who knows! Perhaps my dream will come true…

  20. ian cameron - 22 September, 2010 13:57

    I would love to stay at Monarch house as a special treat for my father who will be 90 years young next year. I feel this would be a relaxing week for him to enjoy his birthday as we don’t reach these milestones often.

  21. Karen Holford - 23 September, 2010 11:12

    I love St Andrews – it is a wonderful blend of rich history and natural beauty; comforting homeliness and sea-wild surf. I love the compact orderliness of the town centre with its neat rows of close-fitting houses and uneven rooftops. There is a tranquil quality to the town that wanders without haste and creates a sense that the hands on the clock move more slowly on this corner of the Fife coast. Our lives have been overfull of caring for so many people as we both work for different charities. Often it feels as if our needs are at the bottom of the ‘to do’ pile, and it would feel so healing and delicious to be wrapped in the luxury of a beautiful house with people taking care of us, and our family…How generous to offer someone such a special treat!

  22. Debbie Szafran - 23 September, 2010 20:34

    I would love the opportunity to experience the Monarch house and Scotland so that I could consider it for incentive travel groups and present to my clients.

  23. Heather Hanna - 23 September, 2010 20:37

    I would love to stay at St Andrews for so many reasons. I would love to share a special time with my homesick Scottish husband who has been such a hero as he has supported me through breast cancer. He loves golf and he likes to share his love of golf with our two sons. I would also love to get my sons in touch with their Scottish heritage – I want them to grow up with a full appreciation for their culture and to see more of their Grandparents who live in Scotland. Also – our best friends have moved up to Scotland and we miss them so much. It would be so great to have a get-together. Thank you xx.

  24. Marianne Kolkmann - 28 September, 2010 17:19

    Hello, I visited briefly St Andrews this summer in July for the first time on a tour in Scotland. I was deeply impressed with the nature, the people, the history and the heritage of this wonderful place that has put its mark on golf and education. I would love to visit it again to explore more than I did a short day in July this year.

  25. Sam Ziemba - 29 September, 2010 10:23

    Recently moved to the UK with my wife and we have never been to St Andrews, but want to experience all it has to offer. The though of sharing such an experience with some of our family and close friends back home (who would not an opportunity otherwise) would be epic!

  26. Michelle Laplante - 3 October, 2010 23:06

    If I were to win a stay at Monarchs House in St-Andrews, I would want to bring along members of my pipe band, the Sons of Scotland, from Ottawa. Though I live in Canada, it would be a dream come true to play the pipes on the shore of the North Sea, and the band would be delighted to perform for the other guests! With the world famous golf course, university, castle, chapel and overall scenery, St-Andrews, to me, is a fairytale place. I visited once all too briefly and would love to have a chance to show friends and family the beauty of St-Andrews first hand; I know it would be emotional for all of us.

  27. Heather McBurnie - 4 October, 2010 10:43

    I would love to re-visit the coastal town of St Andrews in Bonnie Scotland, this time with a set of 8 Scottish Country Dancers from the southern tip of Africa as guests at Monarch House.

    For one month every year the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society holds its Summer School in St Andrews. During these four weeks in summer St Andrews is not only the home of golf but also the home for approximately one thousand dancers from around the world. It would be wonderful to be part of this experience with 7 friends, staying in accommodation fit for kings and queens.

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Sláinte!

  28. TJ Andrus - 7 October, 2010 21:22

    I would love to stay at the Monarchs House

  29. Jay Dexheimer - 7 October, 2010 21:34

    This contest idea is awesome! I’ll do whatever it takes to win. My wife sent me this link and asked me if I was interested…I nearly had a heart attack. Of course I’m interested, this would be the coolest trip I have ever taken and most likely ever thought about. If I won this trip, I’d replace my honeymoon photos with pics of the Monarch House. Golfing at The Old Course until dusk, teeing off at dawn and drinking with the townies at night. Sign me up and tell me where to send my clubs. Fore!

  30. Rob Merrifield - 8 October, 2010 13:02

    Yea man I want in on this bad. The Old Course is one that any serious golfer has to cross off the list and this house looks like the perfect spot to get after it in Scotland. My boy Dex right above here even said he’ll rock a kilt for the entire trip if we win.

  31. Carol von der Goltz - 8 October, 2010 15:52

    My husband and I visited St. Andrews several times from Germany while our daughter was getting her undergraduate degree at the university. We all fell in love with Scotland and especially with this beautiful town. We would be thrilled to return and to stay in such beautiful accomadations with family/friends.

  32. Anna Park - 11 October, 2010 17:47

    Our family is new here! And Scotland is beautiful, more beautiful than any other countries we’ve been in. I’m so grateful for our chance of making a home here and for the welcoming Scottish people and pretty places like St Andrews and Monarchs House to visit. My best wishes and God’s blessings to your successful business!

  33. Carolyn Anderson - 12 October, 2010 02:02

    I learned about St Andrews through Mr. Michael DiCarlo. Though he told me several years ago the stories about this “magical” place he had spent so much time in, I remember those stories well. I still have images of a young man walking the streets of this beautiful city, taking in the sights and meeting a family who welcomed this stranger into their home for dinner one evening. He spoke about St Andrews with such passion, I sat in awe hearing about the “wonders” of a place I’ve never seen. The love he has for this town came through in his stories and it created vivid images in my head, assisted by stunning photos of the faded red stone of Hamilton Hall, the Swilcan bridge on the Old Course and of course, the white sandy dunes on the Beach. But seeing those places I’ve envisioned is not what I’d be most excited about, if given what I consider a very special gift to visit St Andrews. I’d be a ball of excitement and nervous energy to experience things I haven’t seen photos of, to meet strangers who would be friends by the time I departed, to see things that are so beautiful I forget to take a photo because I am, once again, in awe of the story being told in front of me.

    Thank you for the opportunity to visit St Andrews! Cheers!

    – Carolyn Anderson

  34. Tom Flaherty - 12 October, 2010 22:24

    Monarchs House, Good Times, good food, good friends, St. Andrews, The Scottish people, whisky………it doesn’t get any better than that! Good luck to everyone!

  35. Annette Roper - 13 October, 2010 17:26

    I would love to stay at Monarchs House because Mary Grace has bragged so much about how great it is. Also, I do love Scotland. It has been 12 years or so since my last trip and I have never been to St. Andrews before. I would love to experience this part of Scotland that I haven’t before.

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  37. Rhiannon - 14 October, 2010 16:22

    I would love to visit St Andrews because my boyfriend’s dream is to play golf there and he loves Scottish whisky – and we’ve never been to Scotland :-(

  38. Sandra Watts - 14 October, 2010 16:34

    When she was 10 years old, our daughter Annie declared she was going to university in Scotland. After years of studying, testing and hard work, she was accepted to University of St. Andrews this week! Since we are from the US, it will be a stretch, but we are thrilled she is realizing her dream. A week at Monarchs House with her family would be the most wonderful celebration of her achievements, and the perfect start to her journey!

  39. ben macfarlane - 14 October, 2010 18:31

    who doesn’t love a freebie? especially one this good!

  40. Peter Dray - 16 October, 2010 10:08

    The finest place to stay, in the finest golfing venue in the world.

  41. John Retzer - 17 October, 2010 22:50

    Its long been a dream of mine to go to Scotland — even before I played golf when I was a kid. There was a couple in my Church in the States … the Watts … who were immigrants from Scotland, and Chris’ stories of Scotland had me fascinated. Hope I win.

  42. Martyn - 18 October, 2010 10:50

    After years of watching the home of Golf on television, it would be absolutely unbelievable to be there in person with friends and family. We had planned a holiday across Scottland a view years back, but due to illness we had to cancel the whole trip. This would be a new chance!

  43. T.J. Stacy - 18 October, 2010 18:59

    I would like to take my mother and family as reward for overcoming her battle with breast cancer. She’s never been out of the country, and she would love to play her family at St. Andrews with her pink clubs! Save the Tatas!

  44. Tim - 18 October, 2010 23:14

    My father and I had a trip planned to St. Andrews, but unfortunately, he passes away somewhat suddenly before we could make the trip. Winning this would help make a dream come true.

  45. Siobhan - 19 October, 2010 01:55

    Perhaps I shouldn’t even be admitting this, but I’ve never been to St. Andrews. I would love to see it and take it all in. I’d also love to be there for obvious reasons.

    Bryan and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary next year and now he’s given me the dilemma of going on a week-long trip with him Stateside, or heading to Scotland with Gavin and staying with my Mum who I haven’t seen in 2.5 years. I wish I could do both, but I can’t. This would be perfect. Just perfect.

  46. Michael Webster - 19 October, 2010 14:55

    I’ve heard some good things about St.Andrews from a friend (and Scotland in general for that matter). I’ve only stepped foot in the country for a mere matter of hours and my new wife and I would love to have the chance to see more of it. What better way to fulfill this wish than to stay at the Monarchs House!


  47. Stephen Burke - 19 October, 2010 17:24

    As a life long golfer, how could I not be dying to make a trip to Scotland. Add on top of that world-class accommodations that truly make you feel a part of the place you are visiting. Where do I sign up?!

  48. Stacey Tardif - 21 October, 2010 15:01

    I would love to show my husband, who thinks vacations only mean sand and sun, how beautiful the rest of the world is. I would love to give him an opportunity to play golf on a world-class course. As a police officer and husband and father who shoulders the bulk of the care-taking of the house and kids, he needs a break. I want to show him how much I appreciate him. Plus, your Scotland stories are great — I want to see where it all went down!

  49. Joya Faretra - 21 October, 2010 15:21

    I would love to see Monarchs House and Scotland in general…

  50. Amy Walsh - 21 October, 2010 15:22

    I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland! Here’s hoping this will be our first time…! Thanks, Amy

  51. Beth Rizzo - 21 October, 2010 15:23

    I’ve heard just wonderful things about St. Andrews and would love to have the opportunity to visit! It would be a wonderful break from city life!

  52. Kathy Moyer - 21 October, 2010 15:44

    My husband’s side of the family is from Scotland and Germany. This would be a perfect opportunity for our kids to learn about Scotland. It is a beautiful country and the house looks awesome!

  53. Cynthia Yeomans - 21 October, 2010 16:31

    I’ve travelled around the world and visited the “best” of India, Japan, Israel, Iceland, and Europe. A stay at the Monarchs House would allow me to experience the crown jewels of golfing and hospitality, and vote your inn as the “best of the best”! !

  54. Janice - 21 October, 2010 18:09

    I would love to visit St.Andrews and tour the historical sites and visit the shops. I have been to Scotland before and would love to return.

  55. Janice - 21 October, 2010 18:11

    I would love to return to St. Andrews. I have been there once before and found it to be be delightful. I would like to visit the shops and historical sites.

  56. Peter Tehan - 21 October, 2010 19:43

    The Tehans and St. Andrews

    Why St. Andrews? It’s quite simple: respect for the game of golf and all the lessons it teaches and enjoyment of mother nature.

    The particular lessons I remember are those taught by the great Italian golfer, Costantino Rocca. The year John Daly won The British Open at St. Andrews showed us how tragic and exhilarating life can be – often moments apart. Mr. Rocca almost drove the 18th green. John Daly may have driven the green – I can’t remember. Mr. Rocca promptly chili-dipped his second shot as the world regaled in his embarrassment. He promptly stepped up and sank a put of epic proportion and distance for birdie. The round continued. Redemption was swift and sweet. Mr. Rocca persevered.

    Mr. Rocca also told the story about his young son. The son who broke daddy’s good putter. It goes something like this: I have many putters but one son.

    This man, to me, illustrates what a good sport is all about. Play the game with great joy knowing that others in the world can not play this great game and keep all things in perspective.

    The second reason, enjoyment of and responsibility for mother nature, may be at the heart of the club and not even known. The managers of St. Andrews teach the world how to preserve the earth for generations to come. I believe that stretch of earth called St. Andrews has been the same for eight or more centuries.
    The original plan you might say…

    My wife and I would be courteous and grateful visitors to your corner of the earth. We thank you for the opportunity to enter your generous contest.

    Peter and Karen Tehan
    Boxford, Massachusetts

    • ayewonder - 21 October, 2010 20:18

      Thanks for your comment. We have had the pleasure of playing with Costantino and he is everything you perceive and more. Again, thank you.

  57. John Ciccio - 21 October, 2010 22:42

    How could a golf trip be any better than this? Playing a round at legendary St. Andrews in the sport’s birthplace would an experience of a lifetime!

  58. Larry Wolfe - 24 October, 2010 23:07

    A friend visited Monarchs House when on a taxi tour of St. Andrews. The cabbie wanted to show off the house and it made quite the impression. Golf and the Monarchs house seem like all my friends and I need! Take care.

  59. Tammy Evans - 27 October, 2010 12:26

    My husband will be celebrating his 50th birthday this year at St. Andrews and we would love to stay at Monarchs House

  60. John Jock Allen - 28 October, 2010 03:26

    I wid love tae come hame an hive a Holiday in “Monarch Hoose” it wid be a gid and Proud thing tae dae as a now live in Melbourne Australia, oor first home wis on Melbourne Brae jist doon fae the South Gate many moons ago. I was a Community Councillor in St Andrews when the first Elections took place a very interesting time. I was a Cadet Instructor for many years in the Drill hall on City Road “Black Watch Cadets”.Tae awe the Folks in ” Monarch Hoose’ we hope that yir Venture goes Weel.

    Soar Alba

  61. JoAnne Carlson - 28 October, 2010 15:44

    I would love my husband to have an opportunity to stay at Monarchs House St. Andrews! He absolutely loves Golf and until his Mom passed away, they both played in many tournaments and they both loved to watch all the championships together. It would be the thrill of a lifetime for him! He has a thankless job that he works very hard at and it would be a dream come true for him to visit the UK and stay at Monarchs House, St. Andrews! Thank you so much!

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  63. Pamela Boyd - 1 November, 2010 22:48

    Monarch Hose IS St. Andrews. Besides the history of the game, and a chance to play where every great golfer has played and stayed, it’s the ideal setting for visiting Scotland.
    Golf is a game for everyone, as most Air Force officers here in the States will tell you. I do not think I have ever been on a base, where there was no course. I would be proud to stay with you and walk the history of the magnificent courses.

  64. Timothy Joseph Shields - 1 November, 2010 22:53

    I’m a month away from 50, and even though the trip to Monarch Hose is next year, it would be a grand way to celebrate my birthday! My father-in-law played golf all over the world, and the courses at St Andrews, was a place he always wanted to go. The Monarch House is absolutely spectacular, and where the greats of golf have played and stayed. It would be a honor to be chosen to stay with you, and I’d love the chance to play!

  65. Pamela Boyd - 1 November, 2010 23:02

    Gladly and proudly put your site on my Facebook page! I would love to win a trip to Monarch House to walk, eat, and shop where the greats of golf have gone before my husband and I.
    My dad, an Air Force officer who played golf (communed w/God on Sundays on the course) would have loved to played and stayed with you. Unfortunately he has passed away, and we would love to visit you!
    There has never been an Air Force Base I’ve been to without a course, and it’s an old joke we build the course before the runway. Though I am Navy, the peacefulness of St Andrews and the chance to breakfast where John Daly and the greats have stayed, would be super!

  66. Whit Conary - 1 November, 2010 23:20

    I visited Scotland with good friends about 10 years ago and would love to share the incredible journey with my 2 sons.

  67. Jennifer - 1 November, 2010 23:56

    Would love to stay at Monarchs house! Sign me up…

  68. Cynthia McGoogan - 2 November, 2010 00:43

    I would love to win for my husband. He is a long time fan. He tells me EVERY year about St. Andrews, the history and how beautiful it is. He has never been but loves to watch the shows from there.

  69. Janet - 3 November, 2010 23:37

    I am one of 4 children who grew up in St Andrews in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. We haven’t all been back to the town together since our parents’ funerals. It would be great to stay at Monarchs House, revisit old haunts and enjoy each others company.

  70. Al Howard - 4 November, 2010 11:22

    A trip to the birthplace of golf would be a great opportunity to indulge in my favorite pastime.

  71. Russell Piersons - 4 November, 2010 12:35

    What better place to celebrate Golf! Bring me to the House! Rusty

  72. Patti Walsh - 4 November, 2010 13:47

    We would love to win a trip to Scotland and stay at the Monarch House – although my husband has already stayed – I am dying to play the Scottish Links courses – Thanks for including us!

    The Walsh’s of Ashland

  73. Beth LaPierre - 5 November, 2010 01:08

    A trip overseas is just what the doctor ordered! However, instead of golfing I shall drink whiskey and follow the ghost of Prince William around town. 😉

  74. Katrina Martin - 5 November, 2010 17:31

    What a wonderful opportunity to travel to Scotland AND to play golf! I am definitely up for it!


  75. Patricia Popovich - 5 November, 2010 18:08

    It has always been a dream of mine to visit Scotland and see the beautiful country, play golf on an amazing course and meet the people of Scotland. I lost my clubs and all my golf equipment when my storage was robbed and I have not been able to play a round of golf since. I miss the game and all the class that comes with one of best sports in the world. It would be amazing to visit Scotland and stay in such an amazing place as St. Andrews house.

  76. Tom Casey - 5 November, 2010 23:15

    What could be any better than three 70 year old lifetime friends and golfing buddies writing this chapter into their lives.Thanks.We may see you whether we win this contest or not.

  77. sophie laporte - 8 November, 2010 14:39

    A jewel amidst the treasures of Fife / St Andrews ‘s already lightened my life / Once, long ago, I had the blissful joys / As a French assistant to stroll her streets / While last summer I made my loving boys / Meet her beauty and wander my past feets / Alas too short it was on two quick days / How great we’d feel to come for longer stays !
    Sophie from France, with many thanks for your great idea !

  78. Deborah Piggott - 8 November, 2010 15:50

    I love St Andrews – we visited with friends and husbands playing golf – it was the trip of a lifetime and we had a tremendous time. Unfortunately, we only had two days and you definitly need more time than that to appreciate all there is to offer. Aside from the world class golf courses and endless beautiful scenery, the town is full of interesting and original shops and so many fabulous restaurants to try. I would dearly love to investigate the history of St Andrews and the surrounding area more and more than anything would really look forward to spending more time with the great Scottish people who made our trip so much fun.

  79. Pernilla Noraberg - 8 November, 2010 16:53

    I would love to bring my daughter to St Andrews and The Monarchs House. I have heard it is an enchanting place, suitable for a little princess :)

  80. Timothy Joseph Shields - 13 November, 2010 18:57

    After a rough brain surgery on my wife, I’d love to bring her to Monarchs House. I would also love to play at St. Andrews, and this would make my wife, Pamela, very happy too.

  81. debbie watt - 15 November, 2010 19:46

    I would love to stay at monarchs house because i have never visited st andrews, and as someone who has played golf since i was 4 and lives in scotland, it really is not on!
    I would take my kids and have a go on the putting green that i have heard so much about and we would just indulge ourselves in golf and the local hospitality for a week….HEAVEN

  82. Jennie Selvey - 16 November, 2010 17:06

    What a dream, to visit your beautiful country and meet the locals! I can’t wait to see it!

  83. Campbell - 17 November, 2010 20:42

    St Andrews is an amazing place to visit, when i come it is usually a flying visit. I would love to come and spend a week enjoying the area and treating my familiy and friends who have been amazing and deserve a treat.

  84. Nicola Smith - 18 November, 2010 09:39

    How timely, to visit your wonderful medieval town just as Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement! I would love to come and explore St Andrews and maybe visit some of the places where this wonderful young couple fell in love. There must be something in the air!

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  86. Kristinn - 21 November, 2010 01:16

    Do dreams come true? Hopefully, at least you are in a position to make my dream come true.

  87. Zena - 21 November, 2010 22:22

    I graduated from St Andrews in 1999 and haven’t been back since then. I would like to return with friends of mine who were also there, so that we can relive our amazing student days. As some of us have overcome divorce, ill health and disappointments, we now realise how carefree and memorable those days were. The hope is that we can go back and thank those who gave us part time jobs in those days; see one or two of our professors; and retrace those happier days…

  88. Jay Bastian - 21 November, 2010 22:44

    Looking forward to staying at Monarch House whether I win or not! Cheers!

  89. Chris Chaney - 22 November, 2010 01:12

    Taking my father, the man who taught me the game, to the Home of Golf and staying in such an authentic and perfectly Scottish lodging would be a dream come true, and the least I could do for the person responsible for passing this great game on to me.

  90. Heather - 29 November, 2010 01:11

    I want to bring my sister, mother and niece to celebrate our Scottish heritage in an authentic Scottish home like Monarchs House in St. Andrews. My mom is also an avid golfer and would be in heaven to stay in walking distance to the Old Course. What a joy it would be to win this and be able to surprise them all with this trip!

  91. Steve McCarthy - 29 November, 2010 13:59

    I have seen pictures of St Andrews and have had it on my list of places to visit for a long time. I am getting married next year – where better to spend our honeymoon…?

  92. Hoyt Marquis - 30 November, 2010 16:42

    One of the great golf experiences of my life was spent in St. Andrews and Monarchs House. You like to come for a third time

  93. Annice Macleod - 3 December, 2010 12:43

    I am a local and I love living here. To really appreciate what is on offer I need to try it out. I happily endorse good practise when I find it. I would relish the chance to “snoop, scoff and snooze” in your guest house.

  94. Greg - 3 December, 2010 22:13

    I am not getting to be a younger man so I’d better get on with ticking the Old Course at St. Andrews off the bucket list while I still can.

  95. Greg - 3 December, 2010 22:15

    Win one for Dr. Roy!

  96. Libby Rhodes - 8 December, 2010 03:25

    I have not tasted the wind of Scotland for 30 years. Nor have I had the joy of a single malt sipped while enjoying the smiles of my friends gathered together after a day. We need to go PLAY!
    I need to win as an excuse to do that!

  97. Mary - 8 December, 2010 03:43

    I would love to visit Scotland and Monarchs House. A visit to Scotland would be one of my dreams to come true.

  98. Kelly M. Freihofer - 8 December, 2010 15:49

    Oh, a trip to the British Isles…
    To trapse about the north country.
    Seven days of refreshment at Monarchs House,
    Savoring the chef’s pleasures and afternoon tea.
    Oh, a trip to the British Isles…
    Oh, that this might be.

  99. Chrysalis - 9 December, 2010 18:13

    We are considering a job offer in St Andrews and would love to have a place to stay.

  100. Kelly M. Freihofer - 9 December, 2010 20:27

    A week to rest,
    to stroll,
    to explore,
    to enjoy,
    to eat!
    By the luck of the drawing hand,
    we do all this, and more, at..
    Monarchs House in Scotland!

  101. Ken Meyer - 16 December, 2010 01:58

    In April of 2009 we joined two other couples and had the best time ever at the Monarchs House. We loved St.Andrews- the history, the food,the golf and the whiskey. We would love to return there and have a wonderful experience!

  102. Charlotte Bland - 16 December, 2010 04:49

    We were blessed to visit St. Andrews in 2009 and stayed at the Monarch House. St Andrews is such a special city with so much character. the golf courses are challenging and fun every hole seemed to face the water. The restaurants had incredible food. The people in the town of St Andrew were very welcoming …somehow they knew we were visiting :)

    Looking forward to the possibility of winning a trip back to St Andrews :)

  103. Reggie Bland - 17 December, 2010 01:18

    I visited St Andrews last April 2009 with my wife and 2 other couples and we stayed at the Monarch House.We had a wonderful time golfing, eating at the great resturants and visiting the historic sites there.We would love to return!!

  104. Angela Walton - 22 December, 2010 00:04

    In April of 2009, my fiancee and I shared our first vacation together at the Monarch House in St Andrews. It was so magical; the food was delicious and the people were very hospitable. It is definitely an experience I will always cherish. We would love to return there for our Honeymoon.

  105. Eleonore Freihofer - 31 December, 2010 02:27

    In Scotland a golf course was built
    to drink good scotch without guilt
    I don’t need romance
    I’ll trade in my pants
    For a green or red tartan kilt.

    If only I could stay at Monarch House!

  106. Dennis Walsh - 31 December, 2010 02:31

    I would love to see the birth place of golf. I have friends who have stayed at the Monarch House and I would be thrilled to win this contest.

  107. Elli Freihofer - 31 December, 2010 02:43

    Thee was an old man with the blues
    Who wanted to play at St. Andrews
    He hoped he’d be staying
    At Monarch but not paying
    So he could afford the golf views.

  108. Alan Korp - 31 December, 2010 02:57

    Where the future King met his Queen
    Is where I hope to be seen
    Monarch House is the place
    Where I’d make my base
    From which I could play many greens.

  109. Ellen Korpi - 31 December, 2010 03:09

    I am entering this Monarch House contest
    In hopes I’ll become a winning free guest
    My comment is sent
    I need to be patient
    But until I hear the result I will not rest.

  110. Bill Doyle - 1 January, 2011 01:50

    Angus, Kevin and Michael DiCarlo:
    I count as two of the best weeks of my adult life the weeks I spent at Monarchs House in July of 2007 and again in July of 2009. Angus is the perfect host, making all of the arrangements so that myself, my bothers and friends enjoyed every minute of our stays. Kevin is a most talented chef, who treated us like royalty. Our time spent on the Old Course, the New Course, Kingsbarn, Crail, Royal Aberdeen, North Berwick, Guillane No. 1 and Carnoustie will always be treasured as will Irish Car Bombs and the Tennants. The 4:00 a.m. bird calls guaranteed we made every tee time. Till next time.

    Bill Doyle

  111. Trevor Dyer - 3 January, 2011 04:29

    Oh man, please please give me a winning draw. My group went to Ireland and St. Andrews is next!I am spreading the good word!

  112. Tom Kennedy - 4 January, 2011 23:34

    As a fanatical golfer there would be nothing better than visiting the Home of Golf, I have not been there before and it would be fantastic. As would be staying at Monarch’s House!

  113. Alison Patterson - 16 January, 2011 20:14

    The shore, the rocks, the university, the gardens, castle ruins, cathedral ruins, amazing accommodations, friends ……. and then of course the golf ………

  114. Paul Leavis - 18 January, 2011 21:29

    Have enjoyed the fine hospitality of Monarch’s House on two prior occasions with the Brothers Doyle et al. Kevin is the best chef there is and Angus a tremendous host! Several years ago I had the opportunity to play baseball at my beloved Fenway Park. It stands a distant second of lifetime experiences to standing on the first tee of the Old Course. I’d love to do it again with some old and new friends.

  115. Jim McCann - 21 January, 2011 15:34

    In July of 2009, I was invited to join a trip to St. Andrews with 7 other average (or below) golfers. Call us the brothers of Bill Doyle. The trip remains the highlight of my 40+ years of golf. I had the opportunity to play some of the top courses in the world – like Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, and the Old & New courses at St. Andrews. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of putting a tee in the hallowed ground of the first hole at The Old Course! The perfect compliment to playing these extraordinary venues was staying at Monarch’s House. From sharing a drink with friends in the library to enjoying the bountiful breakfasts and outstanding dinner selections prepared by head chef Kevin, the accommodations could not have been more perfect. Each days itinerary was meticulously arranged by Angus. His pride in his position and the town of St. Andrews is clearly evident. The tour of the R&A was like reliving history. No detail was overlooked in assuring our enjoyment of “the full Scottish experience.” I think he even arranged for a wee bit of rain on our last day. It was certainly the trip of a lifetime. I can only hope that it was not once in a lifetime.

  116. Brandon Noonan - 25 January, 2011 22:21

    I grew up playing golf. My dad taught me when I was 5 years old. He always wanted to take me to St. Andrews to see and play at the home of golf. He passed away when I was 22 years old and never got the chance to take me there. I would love the chance to go and visit St. Andrews for my dad since he never got to see it. It would be a dream come true.

  117. Emer - 1 February, 2011 11:10

    Wow! I’ve just looked through the Monarchs House website – having just moved over to Scotland, I’m trying to visit as many of it’s towns and cities as possible. I know myself and 7 friends would love to stay at Monarchs House, enjoying St. Andrews and a round of golf, topped off with a few Scotch whiskies!
    Even better to read about the great food – I’m glad the prize is for 7 friends as they will all be fighting for a chance to join me!

  118. Paul Flynn - 2 February, 2011 14:59

    Our golf trip in 2009 was one of the finest vacations that I have ever taken. I will never forget the feeling of standing on the first tee at the old course. Every golfer needs to experience this at least once in their lifetime. Our stay at the Monarch House was nothing short of incredible. Angus took care of all of the details from tee times, transportation and local insider knowledge. Kevin’s food preparation was second to none.

    As the 2009 Himalaya champion putter, I would love the opportunity to return and try to be the first two time putting champion.

    • Jim McCann - 9 February, 2011 18:55

      It’s about time.

  119. Jim - 4 February, 2011 02:08

    I have dreamed of visiting Scotland my whole life…. this would be unbelievable.

  120. David C. Seager - 9 February, 2011 21:29

    My wife Gretchen, and I invited three other golf loving couples from the US, to join us at the Monarch House for a week of golf, garden shows, and fun. It was our best trips ever, thanks to Monarchs House, for delivering such a enjoyable place to stay, with an excellent staff, and lovely Saint Andrews.

  121. Theresa McConville - 9 February, 2011 22:28

    We stayed at Monarch’s House in 2004. As the week progressed, it became evident we might need dynamite to get everyone dislodged. Even though we still had wonderful aspects of our trip before us, no one wanted our time in St. Andrew’s to end. As a group, we are reaching that age, where soon we won’t be able to count on all of us being available for international travel – we would certainly enjoy the opportunity to spend another fabulous week at Monarch’s House.

  122. Jean Sutherland - 11 February, 2011 17:26

    I would love to bring my family to stay at Monarch’s House. I studied at St Andrews University and have always loved the town – I had my wedding reception there. Now my younger son is getting married and I’d love the opportunity to convince him that there’s nowhere better than St Andrews for a honeymoon. I’m certain that a week at Monarch’s House would do the trick!

  123. Tammy Fleisher - 22 February, 2011 20:41

    Seven days of rest at such a breath taking place what a way to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary. I would love to win.

  124. Nicola Coid - 24 February, 2011 10:40

    I graduated from St. Andrews in 1989 and have never been back to visit, as I now live in the Middle East.I would love a chance to show my children where I had my bacon sandwich and hot Ribena in the mornings, where I walked on the beach to clear my head and gather my thoughts, where I risked life and limb to do the pier walk and where I posed under the old tree in St. Mary’s Quad for my graduation picture- just a dream but perhaps I could inspire two little St. Andrews graduates of the future.

  125. John O'Leary - 24 February, 2011 22:36

    Number 1 on my bucket list — A golf adventure at Monarch House would be a dream come true. Thanks for letting me know about this treasure.

  126. Geoff Quinn - 24 February, 2011 22:39

    I would love to take my wife to St Andrews
    and stay at your beautiful House

  127. Lesley H - 25 February, 2011 01:35

    Would love to take my dad to Scotland and share this experience with him!

  128. Ann Moir - 25 February, 2011 06:46

    A couple of days ago, my husband and I couldn’t decide where we should go for our summer holiday – Oban or St Andrews. Our younger son saw the picture of the little bridge on http://www.standrews.co.uk and asked,”Mummy, is there a bad troll living under that bridge?” I said,’I don’t know, maybe we should go and find out…’. I could see that his little face looked a little confused.

    Yes, I think we shall come to St Andrews to explore. You never know we may see the billy goats and the bad troll under the bridge.

  129. Matthew Monson - 25 February, 2011 22:53

    A visit to Scotland and Monarchs House would be a dream come true. I’d love to bring my father who is a former golf professional and has always wanted to play St. Andrews. It would be a wonderful time in a wonderful place.

  130. Lisa Murchison - 26 February, 2011 04:38

    I would love for my future husband (in 8 days to be exact!) to get to play St. Andrews just once in his life. He’s the golf professional at a local public course. While he’d adore the chance, he probably thinks it will never happen in his wildest dreams, partly because his season is the same as yours.

  131. David Rowe - 27 February, 2011 21:33

    Time and again when we discuss the vacations our family has been on, our stay at Monarchs House in 2008 always rises to the top as the most memorable one for both us and our two kids. The house is magnificent, Angus and Paul were perfect hosts, and the location was superb.

    We have agreed that one day we will get back there for a reunion vacation with the other family we stayed with.

  132. Gregg Bridge-Chase - 11 March, 2011 00:50

    I want to visit St Andrews as a memorial to my father, who loved golf and always talked about us going there.

  133. Constanze Basche - 8 April, 2011 12:08

    I would like to visit St Andrews again because it gives people what they need.

  134. Carole Morrow - 13 April, 2011 12:20


    I would love to win this fantastic stay Monarchs House because it is our 10th Wedding Anniversery we got married 22 September 2001 and we are going to St Andrews this summer to celebrate it. My husband is a golf fanatic and has to golf to keep himself alive and if he’s going to be golfing on our break away i want to be some where with the most beautiful surrondings with fantastic places to explore. (while he’s out golfing:) I could’nt think of anywhere better then St Andrews or Monarchs House. We have 2 beautiful daughters after the 10 years 7 and 2 and we have not been away on a holiday in 4 years. And coming from Ireland this would be the most fantastic anniversery present for us.


  135. Ronny Van Bael - 14 April, 2011 14:58

    I would love to visit Scotland, St Andrews and Monarchs House.

    Greetings from Belgium !

  136. David Morrison - 25 April, 2011 20:58

    I would love to visit St Andrews as I am a Londoner who has never even been to Scotland let alone St Andrews. I would love the opportunity to come and see the scenery and enjoy the sights associated with the Home of Golf.
    The chance to have my eyes opened to a new experience fills me with excitement and hope!

  137. Lynne Moore - 15 May, 2011 23:28

    I would love to win this prize, as it is also our 10th anniversary this year, and there is no where on earth where we would rather be than here. We live in Fife, and often visit St Andrews with our visitors but never truly get a chance to have a wee nosey around ourselves, and to just please ourselves and be selfish! If we won this prize there are a few folk dear to us, who we would love to share the experience with, to go for a nice meal at Ziggy’s and a moonlight walk on the harbour, to have an evening at the Byre Theatre, a day in the museums, grabbing a Jannetta’s ice cream whilst walking around the Cathedral ruins and the Castle, to then take our time looking around the aquarium, rather than rushing to the next place to show our friends all that our wonderful County has to offer, as has always happened in the past, it would be wonderful to spoil ourselves and make the most of what is truly Scotland’s best kept Secret! We have lived here for 13 years and are still finding wonderful places and attractions on our doorstep, and love to share our finds with everyone whom we know.
    Whoever wins, won’t be disappointed, good luck all.

  138. David Tan - 8 June, 2011 06:59

    I’m not eligible, as I’m not going to be staying at Monarch’s House in 2011 (unfortunately), but I would like to say that I HAVE enjoyed the hospitality of the House on two occasions in the past and am planning a trip with several friends for 2012. It is an absolutely enjoyable experience from top to bottom. Whoever wins this wonderful experience will certainly appreciate everything about the House!

  139. Julie Broadfoot - 14 June, 2011 15:50

    I love St Andrews. I love the beach, the wildlife, the architecture, pace of life and the stunning scenery. It’s a favourite of many of my family and I’ve been up from Glasgow a couple of times recently to photograph the Aquarium’s meerkats. I would love another excuse to visit and spend more than a few hours there. Being self-employed doesn’t allow for many holidays 😉

    Please and thank you!

  140. Martin Moscosa - 14 June, 2011 16:19

    it would be completely amazing to have a chance to come visit Monarch House! What a blessing it would be to win this trip!

  141. Beth McConnochie - 14 June, 2011 16:21

    I would love to stay at the Monarchs House. 😀
    Such an opportunity…

  142. Freya - 14 June, 2011 17:19

    I love the sea and sand (and sun) and I love St Andrews. I dont love it because I think I’m going to meet prince charming or because it’s the home of golf. I love it because it was my home for 4 wonderful years, I would do anything to have an opportunity to come back.

  143. Tracy Buchan - 14 June, 2011 17:21

    Would love to live like a monarch for a week, I would invite my family over to show them around the wonderful town of St. Andrews. We are lucky enough to live in the town but don’t have a big enough house to put up guests for a holiday. It would be wonderful to share all our favourite haunts with them.

  144. Jonathan Haber - 14 June, 2011 18:36

    I want to stay at monarchs house to see another side of st andrews that is not a student residence :) this way I could invite my parents and friends to come stay in St Andrews as well and share this awesome city with them.



  145. L. Alba - 14 June, 2011 20:05

    From the day a set my eyes on you, I fell in love; after ten months sharing our lives I can’t stop finding reasons to continue this romance. Every season you give me a different view, every sunset you give me a different light. Let’s get serious, St Andrews, I want you to meet my family!

  146. J H Douthwaite - 14 June, 2011 20:46

    Hi, I saw the link to your competition on the “I Love St Andrews!” Facebook page of which we are a ‘liker’ – great way to keep up to date with events, etc…….

    So why do I (read the whole family) love St Andrews – yes you are right – it is absolutely UNIUE. History abounds around every nuek and cranny, every street and every alley way.

    Golf is my passion BUT there is TRULY only ONE golf course that I would play every day for the rest of my life and that is The Old Course. If that were possible I would pray that I could outlive Methuselah ;o)

    When we returned to Scotland in 2001 we made a great mistake and returned to the West Coast of Scotland – we should have moved to St Andrews. The atmosphere of the town and the friendliness of the locals cannot be adequately potrayed in words. St Andrews has a soul that transends time – history lives everywhere. I hope that in death I will experience the same peace and tranquility that I feel when I am in the “Auld Grey Toon”

    This is probably too short a passage to win your competiition BUT at least I have let my heart speak about St Andrews

  147. Angela Jariwala - 14 June, 2011 23:48

    My ultimate dream would be to live in St Andrews. I feel so happy, calm and relaxed when I am there. It’s like coming home whenever I visit – I don’t have this feeling in London or anywhere else I go. So until the moment is absolutely right, I will continue to visit St Andrews as my other home, and hope to be lucky enough to experience the homely welcome of Monarch House.

  148. Rachel Glasscock - 1 July, 2011 23:43

    I came to St.Andrews for the first time almost six years ago now. It might possibly be one of my favorite places in the world so far that I have visited! I love the curvy streets and the beautiful east and west sands…also I miss a good cup of tea and bacon on a roll with hp sauce! To stay in your establishment would be a wonderful experience…as well as a memorable vacation for my three daughters!

  149. stephen basford - 8 July, 2011 22:01

    I would love to stay with you and experience some serious pampering in the home of golf after a very stressful time.

  150. Dale Hudson - 23 July, 2011 23:15

    I want to visit St. Andrews because I am dying to play golf at the Old Course. I also want to stroll the streets to see the sights and visit the many golf shops there. I want to find sights and places that I didn’t know aboutand explore them. Being a teacher, I also want to visit the University of St. Andrews and learn more about it. I can’t wait to come visit!

  151. Ayesha Court - 26 July, 2011 19:21

    As an American student in Edinburgh many years ago, I didn’t have the money to travel around as much as I’d have liked. I wanted to visit St. Andrews, but it wasn’t to be. Fifteen years ago, when my now-husband proposed to me on the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh- in the middle of winter- we promptly came down with some sort of illness and couldn’t make it again. And, when I turned forty, rather than the glorious return trip to Scotland I’d secretly wished for, I had my second child instead. (Though he’s wonderful – and happens to be named after a certain Bonnie Prince.)

    I can’t think of anything lovelier than a week in St. Andrews at the Monarchs with my husband and two children — despite hearing all my stories (perhaps because of them), it’s where they want to visit most in the world.

  152. Cadmon Shum - 28 August, 2011 18:27


    Being a golfer (not good yet), the name St Andrews is like the Neverland of Peter Pan, like princess met her white horse prince. To be able to play in the golf course in St Andrews has been my dream, perhaps is every golfer’s dream! To be able to stay in Monarchs House St Andrews is my dream too after seeing so many 5 star comments. Just wish my dreams will come truth one day!

    Happy 10h Anniversary to Monarchs House! And looking forward to my 1st visit.

    With best wishes,
    Cadmon Shum

  153. Reshhia - 2 September, 2011 13:11

    St. Andrews at the Monarchs with my husband and two children

  154. David Anderson - 9 September, 2011 10:04

    Hello My family and I are comming to scotland in April 2012 and will be visiting Saint Andrews as it is the birth place of my father William Braid Anderson, We also wish to look into our family history, I have been to saint Andrews before but am traveling with my sister and her adult children, she has not been back to scotland since leaving when she was three we would love the opertunity to stay in saint Andrews and look into our families history in golf our great great grandfather was David Anderson Founder of D.Anderson & Sons Golf ball and club Makers he was also the brother of James (Jamie)Anderson three times golf champion,They were both the children of “Ault Da” David Anderson part designer of the old course,golf caddie and green keeper and widely known as ginger beer in his old age for having a stand on the old course, This would be a great chance for our family to have the opertunity to make contact with our past and to visit your lovely hotel thanks David Anderson Townsville Australia

  155. Slavomir & Diana Jankovic - 18 September, 2011 19:16

    Hi…it would be simply nice to win. Anyway whoever wins was very very lucky :-)
    Slavomir and Diana Jankovic
    Slovak republic

  156. Morgan - 27 September, 2011 20:11

    What a cool drawing – thanks for the opportunity to win for those of us who haven’t had the pleasure to stay! I would love to come to St. Andrews with my friends, and especially my husband, so they could see the beautiful scenery in Scotland! I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh as a college student and would love to return and discover the Scottish countryside with my loved ones!


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