First at Monarchs House in 2010

First at Monarchs House in 2010

3 June, 2010 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


Recently, we welcomed our first residents of 2010 at Monarchs House. It was a group lead by Boston-based Bryan Anderson, Tom Baxter and Bill Maffie. This triumvirate were deeply involved in the planning process and decided to visit St Andrews in April.

We talked to Bill about why the group chose the month of April, not considered high season for the area. He said,

A lot of our thinking revolved around weather and the ability to get on the courses we wanted to play. We figured that while school was still in session and it was early in the year, golf tourists would be at a minimum. It worked exactly as planned. We played the “Old”  and all of the other great courses on our list.

But what about the weather?

It was fantastic. We had a little bit of everything but mostly it was blue skies and warm. It was like we dialed it in.

Bryan Anderson was sold on Monarchs House and St Andrews. He remarked,

I want to make this an annual pilgrimage. I have talked to the guys and everyone agrees that this was the most enjoyable trip ever.

Bryan, we appreciate the kind words and would be delighted to welcome you any time. Most of our residents are repeat visitors, some staying with us bi-annually.

Visit Monarchs House, your home at the home of golf.

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