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More on Weather

6 November, 2009 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


3902904841_cda6350d90_bUsually there are two things people ask first when inquiring about a golf trip to Scotland: can you get me on the Old Course and when is the best time to go? The Old Course question is a story for another posting. This time we’re talking about Scottish weather.

Does Scotland deserve its reputation as the home of the constant shower?

When you talk to a native Scot they would have you believe that their weather is bad all the time. We never understood that. Why say your weather is bad when it’s not? There may be a secret campaign to convince visitors not to expect much and then, when the weather is grand, you have exceeded expectations. Here, we are only dealing with facts.

Unlike the United States, golf in Scotland is a walking sport. There are few courses where you can take a motorized cart or buggie with out a Doctor’s note. If you start with that premise, Scotland has the perfect weather for golf and walking. It is neither too hot or cold. Yes it rains but much less than you think, unless you’re on the west coast (region A, if you’re following along). There it rains 300 days out of 365. On the east coast (regions B, C, D & E) it rains far less than you might imagine.  St Andrews, for example, has less average annual rainfall than Rome and far less than New York City.

Scotland’s visitor golf season (locals play all year round) is between the months of May and September, with the shoulder months of April and October providing some great golf opportunities as well. Here are some handy charts that will help you plan your next trip.

Temperature (warmest to coolest/min -max temps in F°)
July (56-72)
August (54-68)
June (50-65)
September (50-62)
May (42-58)
October (40-55)
April (38-50)

Rainfall (driest to wettest)

On the West coast, you should consider that during the months of August, September and October rainfall levels are double that of April, May and June.

Personally, we favor golfing in April and October. During those months there are fewer crowds, better opportunities to make tee times and if you are a price sensitive consumer, there are more bargains.

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