All You Need is Love…and this

All You Need is Love…and this

5 November, 2009 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News



Even shorts will do the trick...sometimes

It doesn’t matter what time of year that you are traveling, this is what you need for a seven day trip to the east coast of Scotland.


4 pair trousers
3 golf shirts (you’ll buy others in Scotland at courses you play)
2 turtlenecks
2 sweaters (wool)
1 sweater (cotton)
2 pair waterproof* golf shoes
2 dozen balls (much more expensive in Scotland)
2 golf gloves
2 waterproof golf tops
1 pair waterproof golf trousers
1 pair rain golf gloves
1 golf umbrella
1 rain hat

Jackets are certainly not required in the majority of places but if you are planning an upscale evening out, you may want to wear one while traveling.

handicap card
letters of confirmation
(Monarchs House will supply for our guests)

*waterproof not water resistant

We cannot guarantee that shorts can be worn!!


Wool and cashmere are your best friends in Scotland especially in the evening. You will never complain of cold if you include them as the top layer of clothing.

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